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So don’t cry… because my cover made yow ears bleed xD

I lost control in a few parts. OMOGOSH Mianhae. O3O

Me xD
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SNSD’s IGAB Acapella cover.. It’s halfway done… Just a sneak peak of how I sound in a girly song.

I always covered male songs.. this is a first recorded girl song.

I wanted my first to be of 4Minute’s Volume Up.. but meh~

I’ll upload the full ver later after practicing the rapping parts. Ok? Okay!

Kris & Chan
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Kris: “Hello this is Kris..”

Chan: “.. and Chanyeol from..”

Both: ‘EXO’

Chan: “Whoo!”

Kris: “Yup..”

"How you guys been doing? As you all know we had a comeback with our first album.."

Chan: “Yes..”

Kris: “.. XOXO”

Chan: “Wow~”

Kris:”We’re finally back on stage with ‘nukdaego non minyeo!’”

Chan: “Awoo”

Kris: “Awooo”


Chan: “Yup”

Kris: “Uh.. for those of you whose been supporting us always we wanna say thank you and thank you again”

Chan: “Yeah”

Kris: “If you do wanna give us more love though, why don’t you.. cross your fingers and click on the link below.”

Chan: “Below”

Kris: “yup.. if you’re the lucky number you can see our unopened pictures today right now”

Chan: “yeah..”

Kris: “you guys know how to do it right? Uh.. Anyways thank you for your love and support and we will see you soon. Bye!”

Chan: “Byyyeee!”

Me ft. D.O and EXO
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So, don’t cry.. because “when you smile.. sun shines”.

BEAST/B2ST’s “When I Miss You” Cover 

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LoL I thought it’d be accurate if I added Suho, Baekhyun as they sang some parts with me too xD

And Kris + Kai because.. they both rapped at the center of the song. So yeah.

I tried!! I tried to do wolf as a request from a friend. T^T I hope this is ok for now. I’m still working on singing.. don’t blame a beginner. 

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A cover by yours truly :3

Hid my voice and changed the tempo.. so try keeping up with this Wolf’s pace ><”

Rats! that came out cheesy. XD

I just got addicted to my own cover WTH?! 

To all my fellow EXO stans and chinggus (friends to those non-kpoppers)

You click the replay button over & over again, yes? Do it.


I should have renamed it to .. feat. $uho cuz he sang more audibly compared to others.. Oh .. Kai and Kris’ rapping part were there too. Whatamaisaying?! Must be the caffeine kicking in.. yeah.

Okay.. Enjoy!! <3

Btw how’d you like my bunny’s outfit? LOL made this WOLF 88 for him.